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Placenta Encapsulation Packages and Costs

Compare packages and pricing for Redding, CA area clients

Redding placenta encapsulation packages and costs

We offer a variety of options to meet your unique needs.

  • Prenatal meeting
  • Same day placenta pick-up
  • Your choice of encapsulation location
  • Your choice of encapsulation method
  • Guaranteed capsule delivery within 72 hours
  • Cord keepsake and placenta print

Everything in Contentment package, plus any two of the following:


  • 2 placenta tinctures
  • 1 personalized placenta and herb salve
  • 1 additional method of encapsulation
  • 2 personalized herbal sitz bath brews
  • 30-min prenatal massage
You can purchase additional products with your encapsulation package.
For descriptions of products click here.


Tincture- $20,
2 or more for $15 each

Salve- $40
2 or more for $30 each ​

Smoothie- $15 Sitz bath- $25
2 or more for $20 each

Cord keepsake and print- free with encapsulation

Twin Placenta- additional $50

Massage Therapy

There is an additional charge for mileage exceeding 15 miles from Redding

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