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Become a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Get Certified through our Placenta Encapsulation Certification Training Course

Why you should complete your placenta encapsulation certification through Afterglow

Afterglow Placenta Encapsulation is passionate about caring for the postpartum mom and doing so at a high standard that has no equal. We strive to make amazing postpartum care the “norm” for every new mother. There is so much we can do to make the postpartum period an enjoyable one. It doesn’t have to be—nor should it be—a miserable time of adjustment and hormone craziness. It should be a time of contentment and bliss for every new mom as she gets to enjoy and bond with her new little one.

By certifying with Afterglow, you will be given the tools to bring the bliss back into postpartum. You’ll be given in-depth knowledge of how the placenta works and why it beneficial. The training you will receive will be of the highest quality and you will feel confident in working with your clients and local hospitals. We offer nothing but the best placenta encapsulation certification available.

Online, Self-Paced Study- $497

You’ll receive a training manual and a step-by -step training DVD

  • Anatomy of the placenta
  • Diseases and abnormalities of the placenta
  • Different methods of encapsulation, consumption, and use of the placenta and how each are beneficial for different reasons
  • Working with hospitals and clients
  • Federal and state laws applicable to placenta encapsulation

Featuring 6 course modules of placentophagy training that can be completed online. Each module will take approximately 6-8 hours to complete. Once coursework is completed, you’ll take a final exam, submit client feedback, and provide a research paper.

Course duration?

Afterglow’s Placenta Encapsulation Certification can be completed in as little as 2 months and should take no more than 6 months. This is to allow time for specialists to work with clients and submit client feedback to Afterglow. No membership requirements. Ever.

Available Online Training Courses

Compare Afterglow to other training programs

What’s Included Afterglow Other Program 1 Other Program 2
TCM Encapsulation Training Yes Yes Yes
Placenta functions Yes Yes Yes
Benefits Yes Yes Yes
State laws and regulations Yes Yes Yes
Food safety training Yes Yes Yes
Bloodbourne pathogens training Yes Yes Yes
Placenta art Yes Yes Yes
Future support Yes Yes Yes
Working with clients Yes Yes Yes
Working with hospitals Yes Yes Yes
Supply list Yes Yes Yes
Risks Yes Yes
Professional training staff Yes Yes
Organized training program Yes Yes
Salves Yes Yes
Training in other methods of Encapsulation Yes
Basic tincturing Yes
Advanced tincturing Yes
Sitz baths Yes
Homeopathics Yes
Aromatherapy Yes
Herbal therapies Yes
In-depth placenta anatomy Yes
Local hospital policies Yes
Federal laws and regulations Yes
Started kits available for specialists Yes Yes
Online supply store Yes Yes
Membership fees Yes Yes
Online training option Yes Yes Yes
On-site workshop Yes Yes

Why use Afterglow for my certification?

  • Safety and sanitation training
  • In-depth knowledge of placenta anatomy
  • In-depth training on functions of the placenta
  • Training multiple preparation methods (including TCM)
  • Incorporation of aromatherapy
  • Professionalism
  • Full postpartum follow-up care and support
  • Knowledge of state laws and specific hospital policies regarding placenta release
  • Passionate specialists who love what they do
  • You want to make sure you choose someone with the right training, even if it costs a little more
  • Follow strict OSHA guidelines
  • Trained in Food Safety Handling
  • Knowledgeable in the benefits and risks of placentophagy
  • Training in multiple ways (aside from encapsulation) placenta can be prepared
  • Experienced professionals
  • Answer your questions
  • In-depth training on herbs
  • Placenta art
  • Specialist support
  • NO membership fees!!!

Need to leave feedback for an Afterglow specialist in training?

Please click on the link below to leave feedback. Thanks for choosing Afterglow for your postpartum needs. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.